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Ziggu: Full-Stack Engineer (Ruby on Rails & Vue.js)

Posted about 2 years ago

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Headquarters: Ghent, Belgium


About Ziggu

Ziggu ( is looking for an ambitious full-stack engineer to join our growing team. We are passionate about the digital transformation in real estate, helping real estate companies better understand, inform and engage their customers - homebuyers - by offering an online customer portal - before, during and after construction. In short, we help real estate companies turn their customers into brand ambassadors.

To make it more tangible: when today you buy a $15 pizza through a food delivery app (like UberEats or Deliveroo) you’re able to better track what’s happening with that pizza than when you buy a $350.000 apartment. This doesn’t make any sense in a world of awesome customer experiences we all know and use in our daily lives. That’s where Ziggu comes in. We help real estate companies work more efficiently and at the same time drastically improve customer service and satisfaction. 

About You

You will be key in helping us expand our platform into becoming the industry standard. You are very proactive, open and not afraid to ask questions, and have a passion for delivering great work while having fun at the same time. We are eager to build the best product in the business while delivering the best user experience to our customers. You have a mindset of continuous learning and are eager to foster internal team development by sharing your knowledge and mentoring others when needed.


Please take into account that we only consider applications if you are based in a timezone with a maximum of -3 or +3 hours relative to Belgium/Luxembourg (UTC +2).

What you will do

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What we can offer

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