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Yet Another Mail Merge: QA Engineer - Remote (EU)

Posted 18 days ago

Headquarters: Brussels, Belgium


We are a small, growing and profitable software company that is building the future of spreadsheet-driven business applications. Some of our products include YAMM, Awesome Table and Form Publisher. They are some of the most popular products in the Google Workspace marketplace.

Our team is global (we have people based in France, Italy, Serbia, Bulgaria, Russia, US, Philippines, UK, Ireland), highly motivated and competent. We are a remote first company: anyone can work fully remotely. We also have offices in Paris and Milan if that’s more your thing.

We’re a transparent organisation. Important metrics and numbers are communicated to all team members. Decisions are discussed collaboratively, not behind closed doors. If you value being part of the discussions on how to shape the future of the product, by giving your input, weighing in and being heard, then you might just be happy to work with us.

Our applications consist of multiple artefacts: Google Workspace add-ons, traditional web apps, marketing websites. Add-ons in particular live inside Google products, and as such represent an interesting challenge for a tester.

We are hiring a QA engineer to make a product future even more reliable!

Your responsibilities:


Your qualifications:

Benefits (subject to change depending on where you live):
How to apply:
We want to get a sense of how you write and think. To that end, please write an email that covers at least the following:
Working with us requires a lot of writing/communicating, so please use your application to show off those skills.
Send to the email address indicated on WWR. 
Interview process:

  1. We will first ask you a few targeted questions to be answered by email so as to get acquainted with you in writing. 

  2. If that goes well, we’ll send you a technical test. 

  3. You’ll then move on to an interview with a Lead Engineer

  4. Finally, an interview with the CTO.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

To apply:

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