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Windows / UWP Engineer at Sherpany AG (allows remote)

Posted over 2 years ago

#Gettimeback to the executives of global leading companies..

Sherpany`s mission is to give back time by turning formal meetings from time-wasters into value-creators. Our team is building a mobile and web based platform that allows effective choice making by digitally transforming meetings and decision making processes. In cutting administrative, organizational and repetitive work Sherpany`s platform is actively sparing resources like paper, shipping and transportation. Our headquarter is located in Zurich and we have offices in Lisbon, Berlin, Paris, Milan and Wroclaw.

User Experience is our core concernā€¦

Our Boardroom ist currently available on Windows, iOS, Android and Web and we are very successful on these platforms. As our Windows Engineer you will be working 100% on this mission critical project from the first day on. You will work closely with our experienced Windows developers as part of the Mobile Dev. Team. Your skills contribute to the success of the software and enable us to create a perfect product. You will be involved both in backend as well as UI development with our internal designers and UX experts. Finally we will tightly work together to raise the potential of our technologies.


Who we are:Ā 

We are growing quickly, continually strengthening our teams and therefore offer fast career tracks. We love the digital world, we are inquisitive, appreciative and trustworthy. Our work is service oriented and result driven. You share our passion, want to work for a young company without rigid hierarchies, that offers flexibility and a chance to make a difference? If yes, check out our perks:

Looking forward having you on our team soon!Ā 

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