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WebPunch: Looking for a Alexa and Google Home Developer

Posted about 2 years ago

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Headquarters: Denver


WebPunch is a brand experience platform that focuses on NPS-based feedback, positive online review generation, online review responses, local listings, and review monitoring. We are seeking a developer or group that specializes in creating Amazon Alexa and Google Home skills. We would use these skills to create audio reports that can be delivered via these smart speaker systems to our clients. Right now, we are specifically looking to create skills that allow our customers to: 
-Ask the smart speaker to have our team contact them. The smart speaker would then send a message to our team that this specific individual has requested that one of our team members contact them.  This would be a valuable tool that we would use to help our customer service team be more accessible. 
-Ask the smart speaker to give them their WebPunch report. This report would consist of: Their current NPS (NPS or net promoter score is a type of customer feedback survey system) score, average star rating (on Google, Yelp, Facebook), top three keywords that are used by their customers to describe their business (top three positive and negative keywords), and the percentage of closed loops. Please note that all of this information is already gathered and available on the WebPunch app, we would just like our customers to be able to access this information via their smart speaker. 
-Ask the smart speaker to give them their latest online reviews. The speaker would tell the asking user the review site, rating, who the review was (reviewer) from (Google for example) and reads the review. This would be done for the most recent five reviews on Google and or Facebook. 
-Our app shows companies that have multiple locations (a lot of our business is in the franchising space) their top-performing and also their worst-performing locations according to the specific location's NPS score. We would like the smart speaker to able to tell the end-user their top-performing and also their lowest-performing locations. Again, this information is found on the dashboard on our app. 
-Ask the smart speaker what is their aggregate NPS for their brand (corporate office with multiple locations) or just their specific location if they are a franchisee with just one location. 
-Ask the smart speaker to tell them what their average star rating is for Google, Facebook, and Yelp. For brands with multiple locations, this would be an aggregate star rating of all their locations and for single businesses, it would just be their average rating for all of those three directories. 
-Ask the smart speaker to give them the top three keywords that are used by their customers to describe their business (top three in a positive and top three negative keywords).  Again, this is found on our app. 
We would need the ability to identify the person for whom the smart speaker is communicating with. Some people who would be using this smart speaker functionality are at the franchise corporate level and oversee hundreds of locations and others may be franchisees who have one or multiple locations. We just need to make sure that the smart speaker is communicating the correct data from our app to the right person.  
So now that you know what we are looking for, this is what we’d like to know from you: 
How long will this project take to accomplish? 
How much will it cost to implement? 
How will we test this new functionality? 
How do we maintain this software? 
Can the smart speaker alert our customers? For example, could it alert them that they have a new review or that they have unclosed loops that they need to address? 
Candidates for this project must have a proven track record of successfully creating skills with Alexa and Google Home that can be demonstrated to our leadership.  

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