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Web Application Developer (m/w/d) (Classic ASP, jQuery) for Digital Asset Management at COMYAN Internet und Intranet Solutions GmbH (allows remote)

Posted about 2 years ago

A small team. A complex software product developed over 25 years. A century-old industry facing a lifetime challenge.

COMYAN was founded in 1992 to help newspaper publishers make the transition to digital. Our customers are already very successful with us. Join us and help us to grow that number.

We are looking for a full stack web application developer with the following skills:

The COMYAN Media System is a large, complex web application that was developed over a course of more than 20 years using the above mentioned languages and technologies. First, you will need to learn about its architecture and get familiar with the code. Then we want you to implement new UI designs, refactor existing code, regularly add new features to the system.

Small Team, Remote Work

While our customers are located in four countries and some of them are really big, our team is still extremely small. We are geographically distributed and have been successfully working together for many years from Germany, Austria and Russia, using English as our only company language. We have been using Agile for more than ten years, meet every day for the Daily Scrum on video conference, and come together in person at least once a year for a weekly workshop. To support our environment, we are using latest cloud services and developer tools from Microsoft, Apple, Atlassian, TestRail and others.


If that sounds interesting to you, we are looking forward to reading your profile and about your previous projects.

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