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Voice recording web app

Posted about 2 years ago

Request for Voice recording web app
This is a recording app integrated within the onboarding and publishing experience. It
must have the basic tools to record, edit and publish a basic podcast. Our goal is to
provide a simple tool aimed at beginner podcasters to get them comfortable with
producing content without being overwhelmed with learning how to use professional
recording software.

Software requirements:
● The app should be simple and easy to use. The main focus is to make the
process intuitive and friendly for those starting to Podcast.
● The app should integrate the narrative of Podomatic’s publishing flow (Web
based app for all browser platforms)
● Recording hand-off (upload file to user’s podomatic library) should be included
in the experience process.

We need an estimate for two different versions:

● MVP Requirements:
β—‹ Recording
β—‹ Pause/Resume
β—‹ Upload to library
β—‹ Download to local disk

● Ideal V1 requirements:
β—‹ Recording
β—‹ Pause/Resume
β—‹ Trim Recording
β—‹ Combine Recordings
β—‹ Sound filters (EQ presets)
β—‹ Sound Feedback (Calibrate sound before recording by providing user with
background noise feedback, ideal sound levels, balanced frequency
during recording (too much bass, treble or midrange)
Filters Ideas
● Bass Boost
● Treble Boost
● Midrange Drop
● Static Reduction

Please provide specific instructions on how you would go about building and what in your experience would be useful or relevant to the project. Also include either a resume or gitbub. Thank you,

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