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Vivial Media LLC: Freelance Writer

Posted about 2 years ago

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Headquarters: Dayton, Ohio



Content Creators¬† (Remote ‚Äď work from home)

Our freelancers are tasked with writing hyper-polished, sharp and colorful 300-word posts for hundreds of local / national clients across various industries (everything from beauty and real estate to dentistry and funeral services).  We’re looking to hire the best of the best-- writers who are confident in their abilities to transform basic marketing copy into fresh, resonating and engaging posts. This is high-volume content creation, which means we will assign you several posts per week on a 1-2 day deadline. 

-          Able to speak and write fluently in English 
-          Have experience writing short, snappy blog posts or marketing and product copy 
-          Have experience adapting your writing style to multiple audiences and demographics 
-          Understand the basics of SEO and how to utilize keywords in body and headline text 
-          Have a working knowledge of basic content management systems and how to navigate them 
-          Be able to memorize a style guide 
-          Be an excellent self-editor with extra attention to detail (copy-editing experience is a bonus!) 
-          Have a vested interest in challenging yourself as a writer 
If you’re creative, adaptable, obsessively detail-oriented and interested in giving marketing copy a real facelift, we are excited to work with you! 
Please include your resume and writing samples (or links to samples) when you apply.  

email resumes to

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