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Virtual Senior Systems and Security Software Engineer in Dallas

Posted about 2 years ago

Sr. Software Engineer - Systems and Security

Dallas, Texas

We are looking for software engineers with a penchant for systems and security. You will help us ensure that our software products are designed and implemented with the best practices in mind. In addition, you will be designing and implementing systems and security-relevant components from scratch, perform security code reviews, conduct design reviews, do security consulting as well as threat analysis and security testing.

As part of the D2iQ team, you should have strong C++, Go or Python programming skills, a thorough understanding of Linux and systems programming, a basic understanding of hardware architecture, and excellent communication and planning skills. You will work closely with other software engineering teams to design, develop and debug many functional aspects of products Konvoy, Kommander & DC/OS.


Design and develop various system level and security-related components for all products

Ability to perform differential diagnosis under pressure in real world environments

Contribute to software product alignment with information security controls, standards and regulatory requirements.

Perform ethical hacking, application penetration tests and internal assessments against industry standards and our security policy

Stay current with security trends, regulations and industry standards/certifications.

Contribute to our roadmap to enhance the security of our offerings

Experience & Skills

C++ or golang and a scripting language

Savviness in concurrent programming and/or actor programming

Experience building large scale systems

Experience with distributed systems and network security concepts. You should have knowledge of related technologies and be comfortable implementing such software from scratch

Preferred Qualifications

Record of successful deployments of security technologies at scale, including TLS-based encryption, Kerberos, LDAP, Single sign-on protocols, and X.509-based architectures

Ability to address security issues with complex distributed software, such as Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra, HDFS, etc.

Develop, write, test and document the various security-related software systems that comprise a modern enterprise-grade platform, based on internal innovation and customer requirements

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