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Virtual Senior Go Developer

Posted about 2 years ago

US / RemoteBuoyant

We're looking for an open-source-focused senior systems engineer to be a key member of our small (~16 person) team. You'll be responsible primarily for working on Linkerd, our open source service mesh for cloud native applications, which powers mission-critical infrastructure at companies around the globe.

As a systems engineer, you'll build critical distributed systems features into Linkerd, with a strong focus on minimizing resource consumption, reducing latency, and maintaining high system throughput, alongside projects like Kubernetes, DC/OS, Mesos, and Docker.

You'll work with an incredible team in a supportive, friendly environment. Our ideal candidate has a strong engineering background, great communication skills, and a weird but adorable love of software infrastructure.

This might just be the job for you if:

You are a great systems engineer:

You can build low-latency, high-throughput network servers.

You know, or are willing to learn, Scala, Go and Rust.

You can build and optimize systems for both constrained virtualized environments as well as bare metal.

You have a strong command of Linux systems, networking, and debugging tools, such as perf, ss, and strace.

You are enthusiastic about Linkerd, Kubernetes, DC/OS, gRPC, Zipkin, Docker, and Prometheus.

You can work as part of a team:

You are low-ego, collaborative, and results-oriented.

You can give and receive constructive feedback.

You can learn from and mentor teammates.

You can work closely with users to understand their pain points.

You are awesome:

You value an inclusive and diverse workplace.

You use and love open source software.

You are passionate, empathetic, and kind.

You have a portfolio of personal projects, github repo, or technology blog.

We're not just building a product, we're building a company! Come join us and build the next generation of infrastructure software at a company that we can be proud of.

US employment: We are interested in every qualified candidate who is eligible to work in the United States. However, we are not able to sponsor visas.

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