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Virtual Senior Full Stack Engineer

Posted about 2 years ago

Lumanu, INC

Senior Full-Stack Engineer

Remote Full Time

As a Full-Stack Engineer at Lumanu, you will build technology that combines the best of creative marketing and programmatic advertising. We are ambitious, engaged, and excited about building a revolutionary marketing platform that truly understands what makes content good, how to find the best talent to create more good content, and how to get that good content to consumers as effectively as possible.

We're looking for fantastic engineers who can work harder, faster, and smarter without sacrificing technical excellence. Our challenges are unique, and we are rapidly revolutionizing an enormous industry, so you should be excited to build systems that will impact how companies communicate with consumers all over the world.

Join us and you will

Be instrumental in building core parts of our platform

Work in a powerful cutting edge technology stack

Help guide the direction of our product and company

Have a significant ownership stake in the company

Become an engineering leader as we grow our product team

What you'll need to be successful at Lumanu

Fast learner: We're looking for engineers who thrive on learning new technologies and want to build something that will be used by many. You should be able to adapt easily to meet the needs of our massive growth and rapidly evolving business environment. You have some knowledge of at least one functional language (e.g. Lisp, Haskell, functional Javascript) and knowledge of or eagerness to learn Clojure and Clojurescript.

Attention-to-Detail: You strive to prove that speed and quality are not conflicting; you can achieve both at the same time.

Versatility: In addition to having an intimate knowledge of the whole modern web stack, you understand how all the pieces fit together (front-end, database, network layer, etc...) and how they impact the performance of your application.

Passion: You feel ownership over everything you ship; you'd never call code "released" until you're confident it's correct. You pride yourself on efficient monitoring, strong documentation, and proper test coverage. You have sound judgment.

Team player: You believe that you can achieve more on a team than you ever could alone. You rely and thrive on others' candid feedback for continuous improvement.

Design and business acumen: You understand requirements beyond the written word. Whether you're working on an API used by other developers, an internal tool consumed by our operation teams, or a feature designed for thousands of customers, your attention to details leads to a delightful user experience.


Deep expertise in Clojure or ClojureScript

Expertise in one or more aspects of enterprise software architecture including caching, concurrency, database architecture, message queues

Expertise with deployment, monitoring, and testing of large scale applications involving multiple services

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