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Virtual Full Stack Python Developer

Posted about 2 years ago

Full Stack Python Developer (Remote)

We are are looking for a full stack Python developer, working primarily in our timezone (Bulgaria, EET), to work with us on a long-term / permanent basis. Join an experienced fully remote team of web professionals.

Required skills:

Competence in solving large-scale and non-orthodox problems;

Ability to write clean, organised, and well-documented code;

3+ years experienced in developing web applications in Python using the Django framework;

Experience with Flask/Tornado/other Python frameworks will be a plus;

Experience in using and developing JSON REST APIs

Experience with HTML, CSS, Javascript

Familiarity with Linux/UNIX, Docker, Selenium, Scrapy, Celery, Redis, the more you have - the more pluses you'll get;

Experience with MySQL, PostgreSQL, and general relational database concepts;

Experience using Git (GitLab) for version tracking and collaboration with other developers;

Good communication in English, both in writing and verbally.

Our offer:

Competitive salary and a long-term commitment at a stable and growing company;

Yearly bonus based on company success and personal achievements;

Opportunity to join our team of talented professionals and to expand your knowledge;

Important to note: we are a distributed team (meaning you'll be working from home or wherever you prefer) and we use Slack and GitLab as our primary communications tools.

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