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Virtual Front End Developer

Posted about 2 years ago

FrontEnd Developer - Remote

$50k - $100k No equity



Hires remotely


Job type


Visa sponsorship

Not available


3+ years



Please read carefully before applying. This position is 100% remote Your availability must have a minimum of 3 hours overlap with Pacific Timezone (PST)



SmarterQueue is a ground-breaking social media tool.

On average, our platform saves Customers over 8 hours per week, and increases the effectiveness of their social media content up to 300%.

We are a small fully remote team, spanning the UK, Canada, America and Europe, building a tool which adds real value to influencers and marketers lives.


You will be involved in developing new features, internal tools, bug fixing, and helping customers with issues that have been escalated to the dev team. You will be required to write well tested code that matches designs & specifications.

Our back-end codebase is PHP (using Symfony 4) and our front-end is built with JavaScript / jQuery. We have modern practices in place (Docker, cloud hosting, unit/integration/acceptance testing, etc) and are constantly improving things to develop more efficiently.

This is a remote, full-time position that can be performed in any timezone, as long as it overlaps a few hours with the Pacific Timezone.


- Attention to detail - you think about edge cases, your implementation matches the designs, your code handles garbage data!

- Great communicator - you don't miss meetings or notifications, and respond quickly

- Love to work independently - you're welcome to ask questions as often as necessary, but should be able to complete work on time without having to be chased

- Remote worker - you're happy being part of a remote team, using Slack to keep connected, and with weekly team calls using Google Meet

Required Skills/Experience

- Near pixel perfect attention to detail.

- HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery.

- ECMAScript 2015+ (aka ES6+).

- Git.

- Social Media.

Bonus Points

- Modern JavaScript Framework (e.g. React, Vue, Angular).

- Typescript.

- Experience with PHP7.


Negotiable, depending on expertise.

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