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Travel Young Outdoor Adventures: Trip Coordinator

Posted about 2 years ago

Headquarters: Wisconsin


 Trip Coordinator
Job Description

Job Objective:

Our Travel Experts are the first face-to-face interactions that people have with the Travel Young brand. Your job is to win them over and convince them that they have to travel and that Travel Young is the only way to go, because let’s face it, it is. ;)

Many of these conversations will start on email or by direct messaging them through Facebook or Instagram. Then you’ll offer to talk with them on the phone, where you’ll send them a link to schedule a Zoom call in your calendar (or phone number if they prefer that).

Each call will last somewhere around 15-30 minutes or until all their questions are answered and they feel fully convinced that this is going to be the best adventure of their life (which it deffffinitely is).

When people sign up, you’ll get paid commissions in addition to other bonuses which are covered under the compensation section of the job description. Once that person is signed up, you’ll send them an email introducing them to their trip coordinator, who will take care of them from there.

Your performance will be measured and rewarded based off of three criteria:


This is one of the most important roles in the entire company. You are the face, the brand, the personality of the person that our travelers want to be around. You’re selling yourself and your personality as much as you are a trip, because people care about who they’re going to be traveling with as much as where they are going. If you can convince them that you’re awesome, they’re going to believe that everyone including their guides and our customers are awesome. 

Your responsibilities fall into two overarching categories: Engaging with prospects and converting them into customers.

Engaging With Prospects

Converting Customers



Since we are a new company, we can’t risk having a high overhead in the beginning, so we made this position commission-based to start, but we believe that your earning potential from the following commissions will fall somewhere between $10-25 USD /hour, plus a company-wide bonus if we hit our quarterly KPI, which is currently 75% occupancy rate (avg 16 travelers per trip of 22 traveler capacity).

Your commissions are based on a flat $40 commission per traveler that signs up. Given that our ads are generating a consistent 6-8 warm leads per day, you should be able to make 1-2 sales per day for part-time work (4 hrs/day x 5 days) and 2-4 sales per day for full time work (8 hrs/day x 5 days).

The company-wide bonus is paid quarterly and if we hit each quarterly goal then every bonus will be similar to earning an extra month of income each year.


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