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TestGorilla: Editor for hiring tests (developmental editing)

Posted 19 days ago

Headquarters: Amsterdam, Netherlands


The job in a nutshell

The role in context
Screening tests are at the core of TestGorilla’s product. The value we bring to our customers ultimately depends on the reliability and validity of these tests. 

As a test development editor, you will work closely with subject-matter experts (SMEs) to create screening tests and build long-term relationships with them for continuous collaboration and support. 

You will work as a “product owner” for the tests you will manage, helping set up subject-matter experts with the right guidelines, templates, and resources to begin working in the right direction. You will give SMEs editing feedback throughout the process to improve the quality of their work, and organize third-party technical reviews to ensure the accuracy, validity and overall quality of the content. You will also work with subject-matter experts on test updates and revisions from our published library. 

Initially, this role will involve sourcing SMEs for various tests. Eventually, this part of the process will be taken over by a dedicated recruiter who will provide qualified SME leads to evaluate and hire. 

As part of a rapidly growing startup, you’ll also have the opportunity to work on a number of projects and directly contribute to improving our product and offerings. 


There is no set path to this role, and we’re open to applicants from various backgrounds and experiences. 

But in order to succeed in this role, you should: 

How to apply
Please take our assessment by clicking the button to apply. 
In addition to helping us understand your skills, the assessment will give you a first-hand experience of our product and the kind of work you will be responsible for. 

Looking forward to receiving your application! 

To apply:

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