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Tesera Systems Inc: Senior Systems Developer

Posted about 2 years ago

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Headquarters: Canada



We require a uniquely talented and self motivated Senior Systems Developer to join our team at Tesera!  Each day you will use the latest technologies, work on unique and interesting projects and apply new learnings as we strive to become the  preferred consulting team for creating data driven applications and integrations in the cloud.  

You will support a dynamic team of developers, designers and data scientists while having more time to pursue your passions.  We think we can help make your job easy by running an Agile product management process that our clients love, by working on a modern application stack based on Amazon Web Services, by providing clients with differentiating User Experiences built on modern web-technology, and by adding value to application investments through expert integration and middleware.  

You will work remotely, have flexible work hours and help us create meaningful and profitable projects. We pride ourselves in learning new technologies and applying that learning to improve the products we create for ourselves and our clients.

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You will be working using our current development stack which includes Node.js, ReactJS, Terraform, PostgreSQL, Github, Codeship, Docker and Amazon Web Services . You will help to support our purpose and values and we will grow together as a gelled team. We will learn together as new technologies enter the market and continue to improve our daily practices. Most of all, we seek a passionate individual with unique skills that is constantly learning and loves to share their knowledge with their team.

Your responsibilities will include: 

Who are we looking for?


We want to hear about how you can help us.  Please describe what about Tesera interests you and how you think you can help pursue our purpose and support our values.  

Please send along the following to

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