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Telecommute UI and UX Developer

Posted about 2 years ago

UI_UX Developer

Remote, Remote

Position Role/Tile: UI_UX Developer

Location: Remote


responsibility of creation and maintenance of dynamic user interface templates used by multiple applications and for training material.

The UI/UX Developer must be able to make sound and straightforward decisions to solve complex problems, demonstrate skill competency in utilized technologies, have excellent written and verbal communication skills, and work effectively in a fluid, fast-paced, product delivery-focused environment.

User Interface Developers will participate in all phases of the software development lifecycle. The UI/UX Developer will possess advanced knowledge of web and mobile UX/UI development skills and will play a key role in building the front-end American Dream software products/solutions.

Key Responsibilities :

Participate and assist in the creation of User Stories/Designs, Requirement Clarification, and Technical Specifications to support Automation development and delivery efforts.

Create technical documentation or instructional manuals for created or inherited application interfaces.

Formulate and implement strategic designs to enhance the usability of a product.

Design key section of mobile applications for American Dream that are hosted on premises or in an Azure cloud-based environment.

Focus on mature UX design process and offer overall designs for the interface.

Conduct user experience designs, formal and informal usability tests, for kiosks and mobile clients. . Collaborates with the design and marketing, attractions team to build cross-browser compatible and performance-optimized UIs.

Possesses an advanced knowledge of web and mobile UX/UI; adhere to, and extrapolates, complex design systems and apply knowledge to coded pages, screens, and states.

Thorough knowledge and experience of user interface design patterns, visual design elements, w technologies, and development methodologies.

Excellent written and verbal skills to effectively communicate issues to technical, non-technical, and management groups.

Knowledge of Object Oriented design and programming.

Responsible for the creation and maintenance of dynamic user interface templates used by multiple applications.

Create, develop, and complete with page-level unit testing typically utilizing HTML and other web development tools.

Create UI prototypes in wireframes, IA construction of menu layout, and persona definitions.

Create, develop, and maintain dynamic user interface templates for multiple applications, complete with page-level unit testing .

Participate in problem-solving, requirements gathering, definition, and design of new or changing applications. .

Central Business Solutions, Inc,

37600 Central Ct.

Suite #214

Newark, CA 94560

Central Business Solutions, Inc(A Certified Minority Owned Organization)

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Central Business Solutions, Inc

37600 Central Court Suite 214 Newark CA, 94560

Phone: (833)247-8800 Fax: (510)-740-3677



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