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Telecommute Systems Administrator

Posted almost 2 years ago


Remote, USA

As a Jamf administrator, this position will focus on supporting all Apple devices.

Continually monitoring Apple and Jamf communities, this position will also act in an R&D manner to improve Apple/Mac management for our users. Applying contemporary techniques and finding innovative solutions is paramount.

This position will troubleshoot, analyze and resolve incidents impacting users. Providing exceptional Mac support as part of the Support.

Responsibilities Include


Implementation, administration and configuration of Jamf environment

Mac deployment automation architecture, design/migration and troubleshooting

Create and manage Jamf policies and configuration and process concerns

Contribute to the development and ongoing improvement of industry best practices and standards for deploying enterprise Mac technologies

Provide technical expertise, guidance and strategic recommendations to other IT groups

Investigate, analyze and resolve technical issues and actively pursue mechanisms for preventing, or automating the response to reoccurrences

Review and approve all Knowledge Base articles related to macOS support

Ensure any security changes or initiatives that might have Jamf-related impacts are evaluated and reviewed with the IT support organization

Engage in any changes with vendors to streamline Jamf-related processes

IT Support

Provide a positive customer experience with each user interaction

Supports, maintains, installs, builds and upgrades for Mac computers using available hardware and software tools

Perform computer hardware troubleshooting as well as part ordering within established Provider guidelines

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