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Telecommute Senior Software Engineer

Posted about 1 month ago

Senior Software Engineer

About Bad Rabbit

Bad Rabbit, Inc. is a team of experienced professionals who work together to identify, understand, and develop solutions to our clients' software needs. We work within the medical research sector, and help to maintain and develop tools to assist research institutions deal with administration, compliance, research finance, and regulation. Some of our clients include The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Arizona State University, Penn State, and Dartmouth College.

About You

You are an object oriented expert who stares into the face of huge code bases in complicated domains and laughs. The thought of writing code in Notepad++ and not using a fancy IDE doesn't frighten you. You get a kick out of debugging obscure errors. You write clearly about technical subjects and are an excellent communicator. You will use the ability to structure your work hours and location to maximize your productivity and happiness.

Technical skills required:

Advanced proficiency with Object Oriented Programming.

Java or C# or any OOPL (work is not done in either of these languages).

Strong technical writing skills.

Technical skills highly preferred:

Experience with the Huron-Click Portal Solutions.

Experience with other medical research software; for instance, EPIC.

Experience in medical research administration, such as IRBs or Grants Management Systems.




Preferred non-technical experience:

(Note that, while we'd love to see these attributes on an application, we don't want to discourage you from applying if you meet the above-listed qualifications, but don't yet have these specific experiences.)

Multiple years of consulting experience.

Project management experience.

Experience mentoring junior developers.


The position will require working within the Huron-Click Portal Solutions framework to help maintain and enhance large existing web-based applications, and to assist in new application development. Huron-Click Portal is a proprietary object oriented web application framework that requires learning custom tools, APIs, and terminology. This platform is an object oriented environment and making correct architecture and design decisions is a large part of the job. As part of the day to day you will:

Help maintain and enhance existing web applications (bugs, upgrades, enhancements).

Build brand new web applications in the Huron-Click Portal.

Review your fellow team members' code and provide constructive feedback.

Develop core pieces of reusable infrastructure to improve all customer's sites (reporting tools, advanced UIs etc).

Help improve our customer wiki with relevant code samples and documentation.


For a full list of benefits check out our Careers page but at a glance:

Competitive compensation (above industry average).

Comprehensive benefits (Health & 401K).

Profit sharing scheme.

Flexible hours.

Ability to work remotely or on site.

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