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Telecommute Senior Go Engineer

Posted about 2 years ago

San Francisco, CA (or Remote, US Timezones)EngineeringFull-time

Who We Are

Clearbit is the marketing data engine for customer interactions. We help businesses grow by providing tools that help them deeply understand their customers, identify future prospects, and highly personalize every single marketing and sales interaction.

What You'll Do

As a Full Stack engineer on the X team, you'll be integral in the design and development of one of our new core products. You'll be working very closely with the rest of our team, building and maintaining a rich, easy-to-use control plane for modern marketing workflows. We value ownership and knowing what questions to ask very highly the ability to take an idea through all the stages from conception to shipping a product. This reflects throughout our company, but is especially true in engineering. As an engineer at Clearbit, you'll be highly independent and autonomous. Since we're building such disparate data APIs and products you'll be working with a large array of different technologies and fields. Expect lots of interesting challenges.


Work with a Go/Kafka/K8/Redis/Postgres stack on the backend (AWS)

Will also interact with Ruby/Sinatra projects

Bring new features, projects and pipeliner from concept to shipped product

Come up with new product directions and contribute with ideas

We're looking for someone with:

4 years of total development experience

2 years of work experience in Go and Kafka

Experience with Ruby (Preferred)

Experience with Data Pipelines (Preferred)

Experience with BigQuery (is a plus)

Good sense of ownership and autonomy.

Independent and self motivated - maintaining side projects and libraries a major plus

When applying, please include:

A brief write-up explaining who you are as a programmer. For example, how you got started, what area of the stack you feel most familiar with, what motivates you, what technologies you want to learn over the next year

Some ways you think Clearbit could improve, APIs we could add etc

A side project you really enjoyed working on

Links to online profiles you use (GitHub, Twitter, etc)

A description of your work history (whether as a resume, LinkedIn profile, or prose)

Clearbit Values

Care (Give a shit)

Empathize with customers. Take the time to understand their frustrations, needs, and desires.

Craft (Master it)

Own your craft. Never stop learning and improving.

Team (Work together)

Teamwork makes the dream work. Fill gaps. There's no such thing as it's not my job.

Truth (Say it)

Be upfront and candid. Say it like it is. Hold yourself and others accountable.

Initiative (Be resourceful)

Don't wait for permission. Figure it out or figure out who can.

Fun (Have it)

Don't take yourself too seriously life is short.

Clearbit is an equal opportunity employer. We value and celebrate how you identify, who you love, the color of your skin, your age (at heart and on paper), the gods you do or don't believe in, and every other belief and characteristic that make you YOU. The more inclusive we are, the better we and our work will be.

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