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Telecommute Senior Data Scientist

Posted about 1 month ago

Flipside Crypto

Senior Data Scientist


Boston Remote

Hires remotely


Job type


Visa sponsorship

Not Available


5+ years

$100k - $140k


Flipside Crypto is seeking a Senior Data Scientist to identify and explore patterns in massive amounts of blockchain and developer data and to contribute to our growing body of research on cryptocurrency. Flipside Crypto is located in Boston, MA, but remote applicants will also be considered.

Who you are:

-Are a process-oriented engineer with expertise in Data Science

-Have a foundation in computer science and mathematics, and love reading up on the latest ML and AI developments

-Have earned at least a B.S. in computer science or a related field, and you have at least 5 years of work experience

-Usually work in Python but you are not disdainful of R, and ideally you can work with code in both Python and R

-Are comfortable in the entire stack, and eager to learn about parts of the business you don't normally touch at a larger company (product, strategy, design, biz-dev, etc.)

-Care about the quality of your code, and ensure that you follow and establish practices that mean your contributions to the product are rock solid

-Can handle large datasets without a problem. Whether that means using GPUs or working with a Hadoop cluster, you can figure it out

-Work with tensor flow, perform network analysis, and use graph databases

-Like doing research, but you love getting new models quickly and reliably into production

What You'll Do:

-Apply the latest approaches and techniques to massive blockchain datasets with the goal of identifying patterns and contributing to our growing base of models that help demystify the blockchain for our customers

-Lead the development of best practices for model implementation and code productionalization for the data science team

-Work with our data science team to bring prototypes and statistical models into the product

-Work with our data engineering team to ensure the integrity of the data pipelines required to both build and deploy ML and data science models

-Assist in the evaluation of the effectiveness of data science products that drive the user experience

-Collaborate with the Head of Data Science, Data Engineering, the CTO, and the Head of Product Design to ensure we are building the right tools to solve the problems the business is tackling

-Use your own expertise, knowledge, and experience to help steer the development of Flipside's Business Intelligence products in an innovative, intelligent, and useful direction for our customers

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