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Telecommute Senior Data Engineer

Posted about 2 years ago

Sr. Data Engineer

Eezy is looking for a Senior Data Engineer to become the foundation of our data team and build world-class data solutions and applications. We are looking for an open-minded, structured, thinker who is passionate about building systems at scale.

As an early member of the data team, you will be leading the development process, driving architectural decisions, and incorporating business and technology strategy for our data. You will be earning the trust of other developers in the team and then coaching and influencing them into the right behaviors to build the ultimate analytical data model and pipelines. In this role, you would be the go-to person for understanding data and knowing how to find it. This person will manage the process to make data useful for analytics and develop creative business solutions based on the data collected.

Who We Are:

Eezy, Inc is a 10-year-old, rapidly growing, graphic resources company, whose mission is to make beautiful graphic resources available to everyone, everywhere. We currently have millions of monthly active users, from 175+ countries, and support 7 languages across our portfolio of web properties,,, and We are seeking individuals who incorporate our G.A.R.D.E.N core values into their daily lives and work. Genuine, Ambitious, Reliable, Detailed, Enthusiastic, and Nimble.


Lead the architecture of our data collection infrastructure.

Build the data models and ETL processes to provide this data for business use.

Build reporting platforms and data visualization; as the data domain expert, you will. be partnering with our engineering teams, and data scientists across various initiatives.

Be the authoritative source for all things data in the organization. When people have questions, you have answers, or at least know where to look.

Build and maintain the data warehouse infrastructure.

Desired Experiences and Qualifications:

At least 3 years of professional experience as a data engineer or similar role.

Strong programming skills (some combination of Python, Ruby, Java, and Scala preferred).

Experienced in data warehousing (redshift, or snowflake), building data pipelines (using Spark/Hadoop), writing SQL (MySql/Postgresql), and working with real-time streaming applications.

Working knowledge of the following: AWS (specifically EMR, Kinesis), Tableau or other visualization tools, as well as version control systems like Git or Subversion.

Strongly preferred: experience not only collecting and modeling data but also working knowledge of data analytics and interpretation.

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