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Telecommute Middle School Science Teacher

Posted almost 2 years ago

Secondary Science Teacher (Dual Cert. Sci./Math Pref.), 19-20 School Year



Texas - Unassigned

Houston, TX, USA

Texas - Unassigned

Houston, TX, USA

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Company Summary

At Connections Academy, helping students maximize their potential and meet the highest performance standards through a uniquely individualized learning program is at the core of our mission. Connections Academy was founded in 2001 to deliver high-quality, highly accountable online education to students in grades K-12. Hallmarks of Connections Academy-supported online schools include personalized learning, an award-winning curriculum and Education Management System (EMS), dedicated state-certified teachers, and a supportive school community. Parents of enrolled students consistently share their satisfaction with Connections Academy: 92% would recommend the schools to other families and 95% say the curriculum is high quality. In 2019, Connections Academy-supported public schools serve students in 27 states, while the private online school, International Connections Academy meets the online school needs of students worldwide. Recognized for its outstanding curriculum and leadership, Connections Academy is committed to expanding quality education through technology, and helping students achieve both academic and personal success. Connections Academy is part of the global learning company, Pearson, and its Online & Blended Learning group. For more information, visit

Texas Connections Academy @ Houston (TCAH) is a Texas Online School that offers 100% virtual instruction to public school students across Texas in grades 3-12 who are not physically present on a campus during instruction. The TxVSN OLS program is authorized by Texas Education Code (TEC) Chapter 30A and administered through TEA. For the 2019-2020 school year, TCAH has a 8,000 student enrollment cap. Connections Education, LLC is in partnership with Houston ISD to provide this high quality and rigorous virtual instruction through TCAH.

Position Summary and Responsibilities

Working from your home office within Texas, certified Teachers will direct instruction through managing online instructional programs. Through use of the telephone, Internet and various curriculum tools in the electronic course, there will be extensive communication between the teacher and the student. The teacher will ensure that each child successfully completes state standards for promotion to the next grade level or to meet graduation requirements within four years of entering 9th grade.

The Secondary Teacher will be responsible for the successful completion of the following tasks:

Support the instructional program with asynchronous web conferencing sessions and synchronous instruction;

Complete all grading, create progress reports and conduct parent conferences in a timely manner;

Communicate with parents, students and other teachers on a regular basis to develop and update Personal Learning Plans and schedules, score assessments, provide feedback on student work, suggest instructional approaches and strategies, monitor completion of assignments and coach special projects;

Develop a general knowledge of the entire program's 3-12 curriculum and a very detailed knowledge of the courses for which responsible;

Review curriculum and devise alternate approaches to presenting lessons to increase student understanding (working directly with students and parents);

Support students and parents with alternate strategies and provide additional assistance with daily assignments and projects;

Communicate regularly with parents, students, and curriculum specialists through use of computer and telephone;

Work collaboratively with other teachers to ensure that all students are successfully progressing through the program, that parents have a central point of contact, and that tasks are distributed among the teachers;

Keep student records and data up-to-date, including cumulative files, online student and family information, attendance accounting, and logging all student and parent contacts;

Consult with other teachers, team members and staff learning specialists to develop alternate enrichment activities and modifications to students' programs to increase student understanding;

Work with Advisory Teachers and School Counselor(s) to ensure students and families are receiving appropriate communications, students are making adequate progress and established goals are being met;

Work with other teachers to coordinate social activities and relevant field studies for students;

Manage regional field trips and make efforts to integrate trips into the curriculum;

Communicate with Parent Community Coordinators and/or Field Administrators to suggest social activities and relevant field trips for students;

Devise and implement virtual methods of creating and maintaining a school community ;

Proctor state testing, under the supervision of the Campus Test Coordinator, the Field Administrator and the Test Site Director at a physical location;

Participate in the organization and administration of the State Testing, as directed;

Participate in student recruiting sessions and other marketing efforts that require teacher representation;

Attend field trips and other community activities implemented for families; and

Other duties as assigned.


Preferred residency in the Dallas, Midland, El Paso, Corpus Christi, Houston, or East Texas areas

Highly qualified and certified to teach Secondary Science Composite in Texas (appropriate to grade level and subject area responsibilities); ACP candidates seeking an internship are not eligible

Must hold or be willing to immediately obtain TxVSN Certification

Strong technology skills (especially with Microsoft Office products and Google Suite)

Excellent communication skills, both oral and written

Highly organized and punctual

Customer focused approach

High degree of flexibility

Demonstrated ability to work well in fast paced environment

Team player track record

Ability to travel 15-20% for school-related business (state testing, marketing, professional development, and school meetings); May require overnight travel

Ability to work some occasional evening hours, as needed to support some families

Ability to work remotely

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