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Telecommute Education Operations Engineer

Posted about 2 years ago

Education Operations Engineer


HashiCorp is a fast-growing startup that solves development, operations, and security challenges in infrastructure so organizations can focus on business-critical tasks. We build tools to ease these decisions by presenting solutions that span the gaps. Our tools manage both physical machines and virtual machines, Windows, and Linux, SaaS and IaaS, etc.

About the Role

As an Education Operations Engineer at HashiCorp, you will automate existing workflows for building training labs, delivering educational guides, maintaining demo code, and building instructional artifacts such as PDFs, images, and slide decks.

The Product Education team at HashiCorp creates hands-on guides, classroom materials, interactive experiences, sales collateral, and other resources for cloud practitioners. The increasing quantity of content and the complexity of the publishing process requires automated procedures for validating demo code against new versions of software and verification of cloud workstation environments in which practitioners learn to use HashiCorp tools.

You will use the HashiCorp stack (Terraform, Packer, and others) in addition to tools like CircleCI, GitHub webhooks and actions, Slack, AWS/Azure/GCP cloud platforms, command line tools, Katacoda, and other tools and services.

You'll create and maintain lab workstations for in-house training staff and training partners, write and run demo code test suites, document generation workflows using open source tools, and create baseline interactive environments in which the Education team can create learning experiences. All of these resources will be used by departments throughout the company and many will be used by customers and open source practitioners around the world.

This role is cross-functional between product, engineering, and sales engineering. You should be excited about learning about existing workflows and dreaming up ways to automate, improve, and enhance them. You should be excited about coming up with creative solutions to real-world problems encountered by content creators and by cloud practitioners who need to learn quickly and thoroughly with a minimal number of obstacles.

You should be passionate about devops, teaching, and education both internally for HashiCorp employees and externally for HashiCorp users.

In this role you can expect to:

Write and refactor Terraform code to build cloud workstations for training events

Write, maintain, and test Terraform code for self-guided learning environments

Automate publishing processes for building instructional artifacts (CircleCI or similar)

Build and maintain CI/CD workflows for related web applications (Ruby on Rails, Go, JavaScript)

Design workflows for releasing and versioning courseware

Design CI/CD workflows and run automated tests against demo code used in instructional guides

Port existing infrastructure code to other platforms

Create baseline disk images for interactive environments and port existing tutorials to interactive environments

Own automation and reliability for the Product Education team

You may be a good fit for our team if you have:

2+ years of experience in a development or operations role such as SRE, automation engineer, infrastructure engineer, build engineer, release engineer, or other relevant work experience.

Experience running command line applications and developing/deploying web applications.

Experience with Terraform.

Experience with any CI/CD tool: Circle CI, Jenkins, Travis CI, etc.

Excellent time management skills and ability to use Asana or other project management tool. You will work on a multi-functional team with content creators and product managers.

Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Genuine curiosity around learning and how technology can be used to improve the educational experience.

Preferred Skills & Experience

Experience with education or teaching of any kind.

Experience with lab-based training and certification platforms.

Previous participation in AWS GameDay or any gamified hackathon event.

Experience using or authoring interactive learning experiences: Katacoda, Instruqt, Qwiklabs, Code School, etc.

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