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Telecommute Data Scientist

Posted almost 2 years ago

Data Scientist


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As a Data Scientist, you will help Paylocity discover the information hidden in vast amounts of data, to help our customers make smarter human capital decisions that drive organizational success. Your primary focus will be to apply knowledge of statistics, machine learning, programming, data modeling, simulation, and advanced mathematics to recognize patterns, identify opportunities, pose business questions, and make valuable discoveries leading to prototype development and product improvement.

Are you the teammate we are looking for?

Who you are:

Enthusiastic about advanced analytics and how predictive insights lead to a superior customer experience

Invested in staying current in data science by applying new technologies and practices

Able to work in a collaborative environment with a desire to share your ideas

Able to work independently on modules and complete tasks with high quality, but unafraid to seek out suggestions from other team members

Excited to work on cutting-edge technology!

How we work:

Small, self-sufficient product-oriented teams with an entrepreneurial spirit organized into categories

Dedicated Tech Operations experts committed to cutting-edge infrastructure and developer tools

We don't add more folks to our teams, we add additional teams to scale

Casual, collaborative, agile environment which embraces and operates under our shared principles

Complete transparency with open, honest discussions about our progress

Close working relationship between executive stakeholders and product teams

What we offer:

Lean enabling process that focuses on putting our product teams in the best position to succeed

A commitment to investing in our products, hiring the best talent, and giving them the chance to meaningfully contribute to a vast market opportunity

A subscription to an Online Training forum for all technology colleagues.

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