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Telecommute Analytics and UX Consultant

Posted about 2 years ago

Analytics & UX Consultant

Are numbers your thing? Do you find yourself internally critiquing the usability of every website you navigate? Is your background in computer programming and software development? Our clients are frequently overwhelmed by the necessary collection of data and extrapolation of lessons that is needed to be competitive in today's business climate. That's why we need your involvement in day-to-day campaign monitoring, as well as new website launch projects.

Where will I work? This is a remote position - meaning you can work from anywhere! This flexibility and freedom has allowed us to compile some of the best talent the industry has to offer. Our team of over 30 professionals comes from all over the United States, and we even have a few overseas team members. We typically communicate via Slack and the Basecamp project management system. How will I be compensated? We pay all freelance professionals via Paypal. You may use your preferred time-tracker or a free service like Choose to send invoices bi-weekly or monthly. Invoices are paid out same day. Is this a long-term opportunity? For the right person, yes! Our company is growing and we are looking to build long-lasting relationships with talented marketing professionals. What are your basic requirements? - Background/Major in Marketing, Communications, Journalism, or other related discipline - Good organizational skills with the ability to prioritize important assignments - Excellent communication skills - Deep interest in pursuing a career in the digital marketing sector - Not afraid to think outside the box

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