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Sweet: VP of Customer Service

Posted about 2 years ago

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Headquarters: Detroit, MI


At Sweet, we’re building a modern phone service. We take on big problems in a complicated industry to make staying connected a bit more affordable for everyone.

Sweet is partnered with the nation’s largest networks and has raised more than $7M in venture capital funding from investors like 8VC, Rise of the Rest, and Betaworks. We’re a distributed team of modern technologists that came from top consumer internet companies like WordPress, Facebook, and Mailchimp. 

About The Role:
Sweet is looking for an experienced Vice President of Customer Service to join our leadership team. As the VP you’ll be in the driver’s seat, working closely with our COO to build our support organization from the ground up. We’re looking for candidates with deep experience in consumer internet and mobile apps, that focus on providing incredible support through automation. You’ll work closely with our CTO to influence the product & build tools for your team.
In the first year, you will:

In the second year and beyond, you will:

Required Skills and Experience:

Preferred Skills and Experience:

3 Reasons You Should Apply:

  1. You’ve built something from the ground up and now you’re ready to do it even better, on your terms

  2. You’re itching for a new challenge

  3. You enjoy working with incredibly talented people that push you to be better

If this role feels right for you, we encourage you to apply even if you don’t meet 100% of the description or qualifications. 

To apply:

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