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Surevine: Software Engineer ‚Äď Java Developer

Posted about 2 years ago

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Headquarters: Bristol, England, UK


We are a small, highly successful UK based software house looking to recruit a permanent Software Engineer to join its distributed development team in a Java Developer role.¬† It is a work from home role ‚Äď must be based in the UK ‚Äď with full support given (both in regular communications and tech) to our remote working model and you will join a motivated, talented tech team.¬†
We aren‚Äôt looking for a ‚ÄėRock Star‚Äô or a ‚ÄėNinja‚Äô. We aren‚Äôt looking for a ‚ÄėSuper Star Developer‚Äô either. We want a team player; someone who is tenacious about getting things done as part of a team in an environment that expects creativity and quality delivery. Be a rebel but be part of our rebel alliance.¬†
Skills and experience 
·       Strong knowledge of Java with 3+ years of experience 
·       Experience of developing enterprise-grade, high performing scalable applications 
·       Strong knowledge of the Spring Boot framework (including spring data, spring security) and JEE containers 
·       Comfortable using AWS and Linux to support application development and deployment 
·       Thorough understanding of application security and secure coding practices 
·       Proficient in application design and architecture 
·       Knowledge of a variety of persistence technologies, to include SQL and NoSQL 
·       Experience of designing Restful APIs 
·       Tenacious technical problem solver 
·       Good communicator 
·       Experience of working in Agile teams 
·       Demonstrable experience of working with version control, build tools, code-quality and testing tools 
·       Experience of, or strong desire to learn, modern responsive front-end development (CSS3 with SPA frameworks such as React, Angular or Vue) 
·       Strong working knowledge of application integration points: e.g. SSO, SAML, LDAP, SSL/TLS 
·       Demonstrable passion for working with Open standards / Open Source 
·       Knowledge of XMPP 
·       Continually critique and improve how the team delivers 
·       Architect secure software systems 
·       Design and develop reliable and secure software components 
·       Debug, solve and communicate technical problems 
·       Consider the user at every point in development 
·       Always be learning 
More info may be found at and we’d love to hear from you. Come and join us! 

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