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Studiosity: DevOps Engineer

Posted about 2 years ago

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Headquarters: Sydney, Australia



We are looking for a passionate DevOps Engineer and Software Developer who would like to contribute to a growing product codebase. You may have specialised in DevOps tooling but have come from a software development background or you may want to grow your development skills now. In this role, you’ll work with our development team to ensure the smooth running of our e-learning platform that provides real-time student support 24/7. You’ll also have the opportunity to work on our tech stack of RoR, node.js, React and Ember.js
We work collaboratively to develop software that gives meaningful outcomes to students every day. We are driven to improve that experience and to make things better throughout our stack. Bring your ideas and passion to the table and work with the team on making a difference to students around the world.


You will be responsible for the day-to-day upkeep of our AWS hosted infrastructure, performance tweaking, infrastructure design and identifying requirements for additional resources to aid in the on-going management and set-up of production and staging environments. You’ll be given the opportunity to work with the latest technologies & explore different solutions to architectural problems.
On the development side, you’ll work with Ruby on Rails, Postgres and Redis. On the front-end, you'll find things like EmberJs, CoffeeScript and jQuery. EventMachine, NodeJS and Socket.IO help us build realtime features into our classroom which compliments our asynchronous writing feedback service.
You’ll follow a pull request based workflow making sure each change is reviewed before going out into the world. Slack, Google Hangouts/Meet, Confluence and Jira are all heavily used for collaboration within the company.


Great Linux experience and time as a developer in a team is preferred (ie: open-source contributions included)
Overall architecture/design of a Continuous Deployment solution
Configuration of: Cloud Servers; Continuous Integration; Automatic Backups; High Availability
Experience with Source Code Management tools such as Git and Infrastructure as Code tools such as Saltstack, Ansible, Puppet and Chef
Experience with various virtualisation technologies and associated tooling such as: Vagrant, LXC, Docker, EC2 and Packer
Familiarity with Amazon Web Services products including (but not limited to): VPC, EC2 (including all sub-components), Route53, Lambda, CloudFront, S3, SNS, RDS etc.
Any relevant tertiary qualifications or industry certifications would be highly desirable
Communication skills with both tech and non-tech alike


Studiosity is Australia’s leading provider of one-to-one online personalised tuition. We employ a network of subject specialists around the world who help students get unstuck with their work. Universities, TAFEs, schools, colleges and libraries partner with us to lead to better educational outcomes for their students.
Our team of developers are passionate about building great software and testing new technologies. You’ll find a supportive environment that encourages professional development and innovative solutions.


If you like the sound of us, please send a thoughtful cover letter and your CV. We look forward to hearing from you. : )

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