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Solutions Engineer at Impala (allows remote)

Posted about 2 years ago


Thanks for taking a look at the job description for Solutions Engineer at Impala. We felt a little bit impersonal just throwing you right in there with words like “revolutionizing” and “disrupting”.

As such, we want you to know that the person that wrote this job description apologises in advance for any clichés, tropes or sudden-insecurity-driven-panic-attacks that you might find in the description below.

What Is Impala Now?

Impala makes building travel software incredibly easy. We provide hotels with a powerful data management platform that makes connecting to software, hardware and room distributors extremely easy. Think Twilio for Travel.

We launched in January 2019 and since then have grown at - quite frankly - a ridiculous old clip. Our technology is already installed in hundreds of hotels worldwide, on six continents and categorises more than 1 billion data points.

We are a team 14 exceptional people split across engineering, product and commercial that have built a fantastic community.

Where Is Impala Going?

We’re supported by some of the best investors in the business, the early stage backers behind Deliveroo, PillPack, SecretEscapes, Zoopla, Trivago and more. They’re on board because of our vision - revolutionizing a $1.6 trillion dollar market that’s been out-of-date for 20 years.

Within the next two years, 25% of hotel bookings worldwide will flow through Impala technology and the product that we’re building will support the entire ecosystem of travel technology (we already have over a thousand companies signed up).

Anyone travelling anywhere will interact with products powered by Impala and to achieve this we’re growing the team to 50 people within the next year.

What Will I Be Doing?

Brace yourself for some bullet points:

Primarily, you’ll be in charge of making sure our customers have the best information available to them to help them use our product.

What Sort of Person Are You Looking For?

  • Someone that is incredibly smart and highly technical. You’ll have proof of this somewhere in your background no doubt.

  • Someone with experience in Solutions Engineering We’re not looking for people with pure agency experience.

  • Someone with hands on API and/or travel experience. You’ll know how to get customers connected across languages.

  • Someone willing to travel 20%.

  • Someone that is analytical and>Medium page which includes more information about who we are, what we do and our culture.

    For more information on what it's like working here, check out our Glassdoor page.

    You can also check out for more information about what we’re doing.

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