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Solutions Architect (Ruby/Python/React) - Small Team, 100% Remote,Flexible Hours at Analytics Fire (allows remote)

Posted about 2 years ago

Analytics Fire builds custom software for the solar power industry. We’re looking for a collaborative but hands-on Solutions Architect to help us scale our execution to support additional new high-tech sectors.

Analytics Fire is a deeply technical engineering organization. Most of us are software engineers and spend the majority of our time on heads down engineering activities like coding. Our goal in creating this position is to expand our small client-facing team with a unique person that has both the personality and the technical skill set to collaborate directly with clients and senior members of the technical team in order to help steer technical decision making and requirements gathering, especially early in the project lifecycle.

This position is similar to that of a technical Program Manager, but you will be much more involved in the technical details and hurdles around software architecture than a traditional Project Manager would be. Our ideal candidate is a current or former full stack Software Engineer that is willing to be trained in formal Program Management processes (or has already been trained in formal Program Management processes).

As a small company, Analytics Fire is able to tailor roles around the strengths of our individual team members. We will tailor this role to your specific technical background. However, it is a hard requirement that you are able to support the following 3 types of responsibilities:

For reference, here is a list of some technologies we are currently actively using on a day-to-day basis:

Your primary responsibility will be to assist in guiding new projects through sales, planning, development, and deployment. This will be accomplished through a combination of client interactions, technical writing, and participation in formal sales, program management, and engineering related processes. Your contributions will naturally be slightly front-loaded towards the sales and planning phases, however you will remain deeply connected to each project through the entire lifecycle in order to ensure conceptual integrity is maintained from design to final implementation.

This is a remote position but is only open to candidates living in the US or Canada. We’re flexible about location and hours. We’re a really great match for candidate who wants to work hard on interesting projects, while also having flexibility around time and geography.

Skills & Requirements

“Must have” requirements:

“Nice to have” requirements:

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