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Software Engineer at SUSE (Nuremberg, Germany) (allows remote)

Posted over 2 years ago

Software Engineer in Userspace Livepatching

Work Location: any SUSE office or home office worldwide

As a Software Engineer in Live patching you will implement, extend and maintain our live patching tooling, mostly for userspace live patching.

Live patching here means replacing executable code in running processes by different code (that presumably fixes problems in the old code), without restarting those processes.

The main purpose of this role is working on designing and implementing our software infrastructure for user space live patching.  That includes the mechanisms of applying live patches at run time, tooling to help in generating these live patches, and tooling for managing the live patches in a system.

The work entails low level aspects of a system: how instructions can be replaced, with what to replace them, how executables and shared libraries are represented, how to get at running processes from outside them, how live patches might be represented, and similar.

You represent yourself actively and share your knowledge and further develop it in special interest groups, professional organizations and specialized conferences. You will be using your expertise to advise SUSE  product and project managers regarding the technologies to enable and the strategic directions to take.

You will also provide back-up assistance to the support department on escalated issues from enterprise customers that need experienced expertise to be solved.  You will help to integrate solutions and fixes back into SUSE products, both for current releases (maintenance) and future ones.

Key responsibilities:

Knowledge required:

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