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Software Developer

Posted about 2 years ago

**Help us accelerate the world’s transformation to digital assets.**

Norwegian Block Exchange (NBX) is building the best cryptocurrency exchange and digital ecosystems for consumers and institutions, optimizing ways for businesses across industries to operate. NBX will lead the community for distributed ledger technologies and other digital assets through security, integrity and customer experience.

**What makes this a great place to work?**

To reach our goals, we are starting from scratch building the company by using the best in class solutions and technology:
- NBX has global ambitions with no legacy code in a greenfield project.
- Help shaping architecture and technology choices for the future.
- We believe in a healthy work-life balance and flexible working hours.

**What you can expect:**

As a software developer on the NBX tech team you'll be part of a 10-15 person agile team.
- Participating in all areas of application development life-cycle.
- Ship updates in CI/CD pipelines.
- Our current tech stack:
GCP, Kubernetes, Docker, React-Redux, Python, Go, Kafka, Cassandra.
- Future ambitions for our tech stack:
Multi cloud, Global reach, AI & Machine Learning, Blockchain as a service, Smart contracts as a service.


We are looking for experienced software developers to help us achieve our high ambitions:
- Experience developing microservices for large scale production services.
- Good work ethics is necessary. As teams will be working independently within their areas of responsibility.
- Technology agnostic and eager to learn new languages, frameworks, patterns etc.
- Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.
- Bachelor's degree or higher in Computer Science/Engineering, or equivalent is preferred.

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