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Small Improvements: Customer Support Representative

Posted about 2 years ago

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Headquarters: Berlin


Help us make work a better place! We provide 750 companies worldwide with a feedback platform so their employees can learn from each other and grow professionally. SoundCloud, Zapier, Strava, Duolingo and many more use our SAAS solution company-wide — from the intern to the CEO.

We're looking for a friendly and proactive customer support representative who is keen to work full-time remotely. You’ll cover the US eastern time zones, thus linking our Berlin-based development HQ and our US based Customer team. You’ll answer tough questions from our clients’ administrators, provide feedback on customer experience to the development team, and help us make our clients successful.

Who we are

We’re a company of 35 people in Berlin and the US. Our product is a performance feedback platform rolled out company-wide from the intern to the CEO. Our clients’ staff use it to give and receive feedback about their work, to set goals and objectives, organize one-on-one meetings, and to praise each other for a job well done.

What you'll do

The customer support role is mainly about helping clients when they run into questions or bugs with the product, but there are also aspects of customer success, sales, marketing and account management. It’s a perfect fit for a well-rounded person that likes workplace flexibility and variety.

To provide support coverage, you’ll need to be located in the CST or EST time zones.

Key tasks will be:

Who we're looking for

1+ years of experience supporting B2B SaaS software: our product is a web-based SaaS solution, so experience in customer support with comparable online products is a must. 

Familiar with online support tool sets: you should be familiar with online support software like Helpscout, CRMs like Hubspot, and tools like Trello or Github. 

You write well:
most communication does happen in writing, so it’s important that you get your message across with clarity and ease to a diverse international audience. We also rely on Slack to communicate across the organization, so an ability to communicate effectively over text is essential. 

You aren’t afraid to jump on the phone: although we primarily use email, you should also be comfortable helping customers over the phone while delivering a professional and engaging phone presence for our customers. 

Experience with remote work: there are many advantages to working from home: no commute, flexible location. Our satellite workers are of the self-driven, comfortably autonomous variety though. So if you are naturally a self-starter with excellent time management skills, work with a low level of direction, and remain very proactive about keeping everyone in the loop - you'll fit right in. 

Technical plus charming: you need to be tech-savvy and a fast learner, as our product is complex and contains some very technical aspects. It’s not uncommon to troubleshoot a customer issue using system logs or work with APIs.  

You pay attention to detail: our product is very broad and deep, and customer inquiries can be quite tricky. You need to be able to pick up small details in support tickets, and also read between the lines. High attention to detail is core to this position and an essential daily skill to remain successful. 

Willingness to go the extra mile: it’s not about answering tickets as quickly as possible. It’s about answering questions as successfully as possible and spending extra effort to point out even better solutions. Our customers can reach out with tough questions or bugs, so it’s important to think like the customer and propose helpful solutions and workarounds. 

You have an entrepreneurial and growth mindset:
you are curious and motivated to learn more about our product, industry, and your own growth on a continuous basis. You have a high-energy approach to work, an eagerness to learn, and raise opportunities for improvement with your manager, team, or the entire company. 

Ideally, you have a strong interest in HR and the future of work (and previous experience in the space). Our customers include some of the most innovative and forward thinking people and culture leaders around the world, and this is definitely a plus for someone to be successful in this role.

More reasons to work at SI:

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