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Senior Type-System Engineer at Luna (Kraków, Poland) (allows remote)

Posted about 2 years ago

Senior Type-System Engineer
Luna is looking for a senior type-system engineer to help build the next generation interpreter and runtime for Luna, a project said by Singularity University to have the potential to change the lives of one-billion people. If you have strong technical skills and a passion for all things compiler, then this role could be the one for you.

As a type-system engineer you'll work as part of the compiler team to design and implement Luna's new type system, including its underlying theory, type-checker, and inference engine. This wok is _intrinsic_ to Luna's evolution, and will provide you with the opportunity to collaborate with a world-class team of engineers, community managers, and business developers (with experience at Bloomberg, GitHub, PayPal, to name a few), making your mark on Luna's future.

What You'll Do
As a senior type-system engineer, you'll be working on the design and development of Luna's new type-system, in conjunction with the rest of the compiler team, to help support the language's evolution. This will involve:

The Skills We're Looking For
We have a few particular skills that we're looking for in this role:

It would be a big bonus if you had:

Avoid the confidence gap. You don't have to match all of the skills above to apply!

Who You'll Work With
You'll be joining a distributed, multi-disciplinary team that includes people with skills spanning from compiler development to data-science. Though you'll have your area to work on, our internal culture is one of collaboration and communication, and input is always welcomed.

We firmly believe that only by working together, rather than putting our team members in their own boxes, can we create the best version of Luna that can be.

The Details
As part of the Luna team you'd be able to work from anywhere, whether that be at home, or on the go! We have team members distributed across the world, from San Francisco, to London, to Kraków. We welcome remote work and flexible schedules, or you can work from the Kraków office (or our planned SF office) if you'd like. We can provide competitive compensation and holiday, as well as the possibility
of equity as time goes on.

How To Apply?
Send us an email at, and tell us a little bit about yourself and why you think you'd be a good fit for the role! You can also tell us about:

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