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Senior Ruby Developer - Remote

Posted about 2 years ago

**The Role**
We’re looking for a senior backend ruby developer to join our growing experienced and talented technology team. The development team is responsible for all the vital backend infrastructure for our web application, [Gatekeeper](

We develop in Ruby on Rails, so having demonstrable senior experiences of this is essential. You should be capable of working on all aspects of the software development cycle from architecture, coding and testing through to deployment.

**Development team**
- We're a distributed team of experienced developers
- We love Ruby
- We know how to cook a Rails monolith in the right way
- We do care about the project, about the code quality and about our customers
- We use code reviews (reviewing each other)
- We have Code to Test Ratio: 1:1.1


Required skills:
- Loves Ruby
- Strong Rails knowledge, a good understanding of reliable design for big Rails projects
- Confident with SQL (PostgreSQL in particular)
- Clean code with an understanding of code smells and refactoring
- Test-driven development - “Test Obsessed”
- Understanding of front-end development (HTML/HAML/SASS/JS). However, no knowledge of frameworks required.
- Experience of delivering large development projects
- Tangible contribution to the open-source community or trackable record of public talks

**We need a talent who wants to be a long-term part of our business — not just an employee!**

- Salary dependent on experience (range $4,000 - $6,500)
- Work from home
- Flexible working hours
- 4 weeks paid leave
- We’ll pay for you to take any relevant training that improves your value to Gatekeeper

**$2000 REFERRAL**

Do you know someone that would be eligible for this role? We are offering a $2000 referral reward if you introduce a suitable candidate that we decide to hire.

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