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Senior Full-Stack Javascript Engineer

Posted about 2 years ago

Who we are

LiGr systems is a growing startup in the sports and media tech industry which creates automated, real-time data-driven graphic displays (scoreboards, team lists, infographics) for sports organisations from grassroots to professional for use primarily over live video broadcasts.

Who we're looking for:

This is a unique opportunity to build exciting, bleeding edge technology in the sports and broadcast industry, and we are looking for a talented, experienced javascript/web engineer to join our team and help build on our ideas.

The successful applicant will be able to assist us in meeting the challenges of scale as we expand our operation internationally. You will have an immediate opportunity to influence the product strategy and organisational culture.

Successful candidates will be invited to meet our leadership team in person or over video chat.

The following skills are required

Strong engineering ability,
Fluent / Advanced English,
Excellent practical problem-solving,
A passion for software,
Great written communication skills,
Organisational skills,
Continuous Learner,
Ability to work unsupervised

The following skills are highly valued

Cloud infrastructure e.g. containers(docker), Kubernetes, GCP, cloud functions,
React, webpack, babel, redux
Svg, gsap, animation/motion graphics
Event-driven architectures, event sourcing,
Testing unit/integration/e2e/CI/CD,
Understanding of design systems,

The following is also valued

Some understanding of sport,
Video streaming - encoding/hls/rtmp/storage/facebook/youtube

Our current stack:

Google Firestore

What you”ll be doing

Creating web interfaces/content management systems,
Implementing graphic components,
Improving event-driven architecture and building backend services

Benefits of the role

In addition to being a part of a great team, working in a fun and creative environment and learning from the best technical minds in the sports industry, we offer:

Competitive salary,
Access to the latest tools and technologies,
Work with global sporting bodies and sports leagues,
Remote work with a virtual and regular communication environment (Trello, Slack, Github etc),
Start-up sized company, where you can make an immediate impact,
Build software that will have a global impact on sports and the future of sports broadcast,
Our team is technical and understands developer needs


Applying is easy. Send an email with your resume, website, Github account, links to apps or anything else you're proud of. If we like what we see, we’ll get in touch and organise a catchup in person or over video chat. We’ll then tell you more about the role and we can decide if there's a fit.

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