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Senior Front End Engineer

Posted about 2 years ago

## The Team

We are a small team with a mission to give people a tool to transfer assets and messages privately and freely. We believe that people should have all their data without sacrificing their privacy, and this can be achieved through a good product with excellent user experience.

We have 14 people aboard, we work remotely and passionately. All our works are open sourced at [GitHub]( We are always welcoming new heroes to join us to build Mixin Network and Messenger together.

## The Product

Mixin Network is a public distributed ledger for digital assets, almost all popular crypto assets can be transferred in Mixin Network. Unlike other blockchain projects, they aims at a distributed OS with complicated programming capabilities, Mixin focuses on the transferring of digital assets. The simplicity has given Mixin the ability to irreversibly confirm transactions in seconds.

The mainnet has been running since Feb 2019 and processed millions of real Bitcoin transactions. Compared to a similar project Bitcoin Lightning Network, Mixin has more than 1200 BTC in the network and much much more active transactions.

Mixin Messenger is a unique digital wallet and end-to-end encrypted messenger built on Signal protocol. We see it as an important entrance to Mixin Network, to help people transfer all their crypto assets and their messages securely.

## The Job

Most of our engineers are somewhat full-stack engineers, and with focus on some specific platforms. 3 on server, 3 on Android, 2 on iOS, 2 on deskotp, 2 on web, and of course they have some interleaves.

Now we are expecting you to have excellent skills in web technology, and the passion to build open source project with great user experience. You will mainly have three kind of works to focus, but you are free to choose some new one.

1. Open data visualization. Our code is open source, and Mixin Network is a public ledger. So we need to build an explorer for it.
2. Create the framework for Mixin Messenger bot. Our Messenger has many active users, they use many popular bots, but we still don't have an bot framework for developers. You may create the framework to help developers creating better bots.
3. Build useful and interesting bots. We build our own bots for both internal use and public use, some are just showcases maybe.

If you are interested and confident with your skills and passion, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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