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Senior Drupal Developer at Ocelot (Evanston, IL) (allows remote)

Posted about 2 years ago

Student debt and access to education are critical issues of our time. We help students and colleges succeed. You can make a major impact. Deliver on technology products that students and colleges want. Be an early member of the technology portion of our team. Learn and experience as this growing and profitable company delivers. Architect, execute and contribute. Work closely with our crack team of technologists, industry experts, and entrepreneurs.

Ocelot utilizes a wide range of open-source technologies to deliver top notch products to our clients including Node.js, React, Next.js, Drupal, MongoDB, Solr, and MySQL.

While working at Ocelot you will be challenged to architect, build, and maintain the software components that are critical to our success. Drupal is at the core of our tech stack and we are dedicated to giving back. Over the past months as we have migrated to Drupal 8, we have developed several modules that will be headed to contrib later in the year. Your contributions at Ocelot will impact the lives of students and administrators at colleges and universities as well as serve the Drupal community as a whole.

Ideal candidates are enthusiastic about the latest web technologies and are excited to bring their expertise to the table to improve our products.  We are a small team that relies on strong communication and a can-do attitude.

This position is available for remote, or for on-site at our Evanston, Illinois based office.

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