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Senior Developer

Posted about 2 years ago

The National Lottery Heritage Fund is recruiting for a full time Senior Developer on a permanent Contract based in any of The Fund’s offices except London.

The Fund’s primary customers are our applicants and grantees. They need us to provide a good quality experience that takes them from their first tentative look at the Fund all the way through to them being awarded funding, and becoming a grantee.

We have taken a strategic decision to improve this experience, from end to end. In order to do this we’ll be adopting a service design approach that’s informed by good practice to emerge from the Government Digital Service, and from wider service design practices.

To be competitive in the role, you will need to demonstrate high level knowledge, skills and experience against our selection criteria:

Required Knowledge
* Building server-side web applications, with detailed knowledge of at least one open source framework e.g. Rails, Django, Express
* Front-end web development (HTML/CSS/JS) - formal design training not required because you will be working with a UX designer
* Working knowledge of Unix-like operating systems such as Linux and/or OSX, especially making cloud hosted services ready for testing and production deployment
* Building and using test suites
* Contributing to securing digital systems against hacking and intrusions
* Working knowledge of database systems
* Knowledge of modern version control systems
* Building integrations with 3rd party APIs
* Ability to research and learn new programming tools and techniques
* Working in multidisciplinary teams, in sprints, and using generally agile approaches to delivery.

Required Skills/Experience
* A passionate approach to work with a desire to push boundaries
* The ability to communicate clearly and explain technical jargon to peers
* Demonstrable understanding and commitment to equality and diversity to support the corporate objective on enhancing equality and diversity in grant giving, governance and the workforce
* A willingness to undertake occasional travel, site visits and overnight stays may be necessary.

To review the full job pack and to apply, please complete the application form on our website.

The closing date for applications is Midnight Tuesday 15th October 2019 and Interview date is Wednesday 23 October 2019 in London.

If you have not heard from the recruiting officer two weeks after the closing date please assume you have not been successful.

Thank you for your interest in this role and our organisation.

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