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Senior Cloud Infrastructure Engineer (DevOps)

Posted about 2 years ago

At Impero, we've been in Education Technology since 2002, building systems to keep children and young people safe and make them successful. We are passionate about protecting every learner, their wellbeing and their future through managing, supporting and monitoring. We do this by working closely with educators around the world. With recent new leadership, we're building a distributed UK-based engineering team to reimagine our technology platform.

We are first and foremost looking for best of breed developers who are positive and ambitious and who can demonstrate strong engineering principles. Whether you’ve been developing for two years or ten we may have a role for you. Our product vision is exciting and the roadmap ahead is challenging. Our team is growing in a way that will allow you to play to your strengths: whether enjoying data modelling and analysis, or building huge new feature sets.

We believe in creating careers, not jobs. During your time with us you’ll receive regular, honest, helpful feedback, with a clear progression path. We’ll be looking for ways to grow your expertise, and we will provide opportunities for your professional development. We’re a distributed team, who put energy into speaking every day, and we arrange regular meetings both by department and as a company. In the first few months as you get to know the team and products, we'll bring you into our Nottingham office as needed, but our team is distributed-first: doing your best work isn't dependent on you being in a certain place. Our web platform - less than two years old - is built exclusively in Ruby on Rails with interlinking native device clients, communicating through standard web protocols. At Impero, we believe we're creating something special, and we'd love for you to join us.

Senior Cloud Infrastructure Engineer (DevOps)


The successful candidate will take responsibility for working within an agile team to support the development of our products, by ensuring that the infrastructure is scalable, reliable and fit for purpose, and assisting the engineers as required.

* Work within a cross-functional software team (consisting of Software Engineers, other DevOps Engineers and testers) to design, provision and maintain infrastructure using infrastructure-as-code.
* Encourage and enforce development, server management and information security best practices throughout the team and wider organisation.
* Assist the engineering team to improve security, quality and time to market of our products.
* Help to maintain the automated CI and build pipelines.
* Act as part of an on-call rota for out of hours maintenance and unexpected downtime.

* At least 2 years of commercial experience (or equivalent) in working in a DevOps role.
* At least 2 years of experience of using infrastructure-as-code (e.g. Terraform) to provision, scale and manage infrastructure.
* At least 2 years of experience of using distributed source control management.
* Understanding of the deployment, scaling and security of cloud services.
* Experience in using Microsoft Azure cloud services.
* Experience of managing CI/test infrastructure and services.
* Experience in scripting and automation.
* Experience of working in an agile development team, ideally with a distributed workforce.
* Understanding of programming, networking and information security principles.
* Enthusiasm for understanding technical ideas and explaining them clearly to other members of the team.
* A strong standard of spoken and written English.

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