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Salesforce Technical Lead at Soliant Consulting (Chicago, IL) (allows remote)

Posted about 2 years ago

Soliant Consulting

Soliant is a consulting firm focused on helping our clients solve problems with technology.  We believe in the power of transformation and alleviation of pain through well-designed and carefully constructed custom business applications.

As a Technical Lead in our Salesforce practice, you will design and develop solutions for companies around the US and the world.  You will be challenged by a wide variety of business industries and problems that need solving, leveraging the array of innovative technologies from Salesforce while following mature project management processes.

Is this you?

You are a well rounded Salesforce Technical Lead who excels at devising and developing custom Salesforce solutions. You've got a solid Salesforce background, with proven knowledge and expertise with Apex, Lightning Framework, the Salesforce clouds, and API based integrations. You are passionate about architecting, developing, and delivering complex business solutions using Salesforce technologies, as well as various technology stacks outside of the platform. 

As a Technical Lead, you will...

Analyze Needs

You will leverage your experience in business analysis and consulting to assess client needs, define goals, propose solutions, and identify value.

Architect Solutions

You will capture requirements, develop use cases and user stories, generate ERDs and then leverage them in architecting custom solutions to meet project goals.

Develop Relationships with Clients

Using your excellent written and verbal communication skills, you’ll consult sophisticated clients on synthesizing business needs and technical concepts.

Deliver Value

As a reliable self-starter who likes helping people, you’ll deliver significant value for appreciative clients, and you’ll feel proud as you help dramatically improve your clients’ businesses.

Grow Your Talents

Building off of your natural curiosity and your previous work experience, you’ll gain valuable skills and get better at what you do each year. 


Expectations for a successful candidate

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