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Ruby on Rails Developer with Back-End Focus at SimplePay (allows remote)

Posted about 2 years ago

The story (skip this paragraph if you don't like stories in your job posts): I founded and continue to run this startup. Most of the team works from our office in South Africa. However, a year ago I moved Singapore for work / personal reasons. I used to be quite averse to the idea of remote workers, but seeing as just about everyone will now be remote from my perspective, I decided it's a good time to start focusing on hiring for remote work.

SimplePay is online payroll software for South Africa, Ireland, Singapore and Hong Kong. Our software lets thousands of small business owners (and their accountants) run their payrolls without headaches, so they can focus on the challenge of building their businesses. To give you an idea, here's our South African website:

Do you believe most SPAs are a pile of steaming crap, but wouldn't mind digging into Vue.js for pages that will benefit from the increased interactivity? Do you laugh when people give up the power of PostgreSQL in favour of data stores that don't offer any benefits for their use case? If so, you may fit in well with our mindset.

The work will include: Doing direct integrations with other systems (hopefully banks too, eventually). Expanding our API for other systems to integrate with us. Adding new features. Optimising for performance. Integrating with government systems. Squashing bugs. Improving security. Eventually, the opportunity to do some mobile development (probably using Flutter).

Experience: Due to our full pipeline, we can only hire senior developers who have a few years of Rails experience at this time, or highly experienced polyglots who at least know ruby. Previous experience with remote work would be a bonus - we need people who understand the challenges and can share what they've learnt.

Location: GMT+4 to GMT+8. (Currently we have developers in South Africa, India, Lebanon and myself Singapore)

Please mail - don't use the built-in submission functionality here. Please include a link to a specific open source contribution or an issue you logged (no matter how tiny or long ago) in the body of your email. I look forward to transforming the company to being more remote-friendly.

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