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Rosh Review: Director - Sales & Business Development

Posted about 2 years ago

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Headquarters: Remote


Your Role
You will be part of a small, remote team of thoughtful, committed individuals in a profitable company who are changing the world of medicine. You will work with medical schools, residency training programs, medical associations and physician groups to transform learning outcomes. Your customers will be highly educated in a specialized medical field such as pediatrics. You will use your consultative selling approach to listen, educate and solve customer problems while you challenge the status quo. You will strive to use your high EQ to provide customers a “wow” experience.

Must haves
- 4 years of sales experience with proven record of success
- Background in the health professions
- High-degree of comfort with technology-based learning solutions
- Exceptional verbal and written communication
- Excellent web-based demonstration skills
- Technological proficiency and strong working knowledge collaborative tools
such as Slack, Zoom,, Google Docs, Excel, and GDrive,
- Self motivated, ability to stay on task, set and reach goals
- A bachelor’s degree or higher
- Thrive working with remote and distributed teams

Personal Attributes
- Care about what is right, not who is right
- Integrity (do the right thing even when nobody's watching)
- Appreciate the interconnectedness of processes and engage continuously in
- Self-motivated
- Believe we can get more done together. The sum is greater than the parts
- Equanimity (mental calmness, even in difficult situations)

Salary and Benefits
- Competitive salary and commissions
- 401K with immediate vesting and company match
- Startup hardware and software
- Health insurance
- Charitable donation matching
- Work from anywhere in the USA
- Open, honest, accessible and friendly work environment

To apply: http://Email only

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