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Remote Web Designer

Posted about 2 years ago

Web Designer Familiar with WordPress

Artbees is seeking a designer with focus on website template design. The creative should be familiar with WordPress themes. No coding is required but the ability to word with WordPress as a basic user is essential. This role is 100% remote.

Important side note: We are not looking for someone to design only beautiful website templates but functional ones too. It means the designer should have a good understanding of the needs of different types of websites, in terms of content.

Must be familiar with WordPress themes (A bonus If you worked with Jupiter X before)
Good understanding of e-commerce and marketing.
Good understanding of different type of websites and their online needs.
Good communication in English.
Be proficient with design tools like Sketch or Photoshop, Zeplin, etc.
Professionally organized and ability to work around deadlines and priorities ruthlessly.
What You'll Be Doing
Mostly, you will design breathtaking website templates. People will use your templates to create their own website. You will design for a wide range of businesses and sectors. You are also responsible to decide about content based on marketing best practices. Here is the highlights:

Design great looking website templates for the mass audiences with a focus on content.
Ability to design for a broad range of tastes and preferences.
Communicate and collaborate with multiple teams such as marketing, PMs, engineers, and customers if needed.
Design graphics for promotions and social media if required.
Work from home
Yearly swag shares and reunions
12 off days (+12 sick leaves)

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