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Remote Visual FoxPro Developer

Posted about 2 years ago

CODE Consulting is currently accepting resumes for Visual FoxPro developers. We have multiple offerings for this position and will consider candidates who seek full-time employment or contracting opportunities. Remote work (you work from your home) is an option, but some travel may be required. We are interested in hiring multiple people for this opening, and we are considering a range of skill levels.

We expect candidates to have a solid understanding of Visual FoxPro and related technologies. Knowledge of additional technologies and platforms (such as .NET, HTML frameworks, and more...) is a benefit, but not required. Candidates should be comfortable working with remote and distributed teams and should thus have strong communication skills and be able to build working relationships with coworkers and customers in locations across North America, and possibly beyond.


Maintain existing Visual FoxPro applications

Enhance existing Visual FoxPro applications

Move Visual FoxPro applications to SQL Server

Move Visual FoxPro applications to the web

Be part of a team that comprises both CODE staff as well as team members employed by the customer

Interact with customers, propose solutions, and discuss technical details and business needs the customer may have

Collaborate across distributed and diverse teams

Minimum Qualifications

5 years of software development experience.

Experience working on Visual FoxPro business applications.

Familiarity with modern software development practices

Technical Skills

Visual FoxPro

SQL Server

Web development

Understanding of other web frameworks (Vue.js, REACT, ASP.NET MVC,...) is a plus

Understanding Visual Studio & Visual Studio Code is a plus

Source Control and Asset Management (Git, GitHub, VSTS,...)

Current Microsoft Certification (and other certifications) is a plus

We are mainly interested in core Visual FoxPro and SQL Server knowledge. However, candidates that have some of the other skills in the list will have greater chances to be hired as full-time employees, and contractors will have a higher likelihood to get more business from CODE.

Improve Your Odds

To apply, please submit your application through the form below. To improve your odds of being considered, please let us know know about your professional accomplishments as a software developer. We are particularly interested in reviewing code samples, videos, articles, blog posts, GitHub repos and contributions, presentations, community efforts, and so on.

Other Information

Candidates for this position can work remotely, although occasional travel may be required. Permanent on-site work at our offices in Houston is also possible. We will consider both full-time employees as well as contractors.

Who We Are

CODE is a developer company, focusing on helping people and companies build better software. We do so in various ways, ranking from consulting and training (our "bread and butter") to community involvements, presentations, writing, and - of course - publishing CODE Magazine. We make ourselves known by providing great value and services, not just to paying customers, but the whole software community in general. We foster a distributed, collaborative community both within CODE as well as outside. We are looking for candidates who see themselves thrive in this type of environment and are excited about this approach.

What We Value:

Collaboration: We believe in collaboration and working together, no matter where people are.

Empathy: We believe in putting people first.

Inclusiveness: We believe in including everyone, no matter their background, race, religion, age, economic status, sex, sexual orientation, nationality, or any similar discriminating labels.

Thoughtfulness: We believe in deep thought and reason to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Quality: We believe in putting in the effort to make things of high quality.

Stakeholder Priorities: We consider it important to think of our customers (and other stakeholders) and focusing first on what the best scenario is for them. We then think about how to make that possible.

Positive Impact: We believe in making the developer community better through our various initiatives.

Why You Should Join

You can help us make an impact on the developer community, rather than just a single project or company. At CODE, you will work on various projects and we will seek your input even for initiatives beyond your top priorities. For instance, we will ask for your input on our events, magazine, or products, even if that is not your primary occupation within the company.

We also want our "CODErs" to develop their own careers in various ways, whether that is learning in the form of training and attending events, or whether that is making yourself more visible in the industry through writing, presentations, and more. In short: We aim to make being associated with CODE a positive impact on people's careers even beyond CODE.

We also aim to keep "CODErs" healthy, motivated, focused, and productive. We have a comprehensive benefits and compensation package that goes beyond just financial compensation. Our employees receive a competitive compensation package including medical benefits, retirement plan (with generous match), life insurance, long and short term disability, vacation, sick and holiday pay, casual atmosphere, fitness benefits, and more.

Where We Can Hire

Our headquarters is in Houston, TX (with satellite offices in other places), but our CODErs are all over the planet. We can hire full-time employees in North America and Europe. We engage with contractors all over the world. We are well set up for remote working and distributed teams. However, note that travel to CODE offices as well as events and customer engagements will occasionally be required.

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