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Remote Systems Engineer

Posted almost 2 years ago

Systems Engineer

Systems Engineer

Synergy Sports Technology, named by Fast Company as one of the world's top 10 most innovative companies in sports, seeks a talented engineer/architect to join our team. This position offers a tremendous opportunity to work with the only company that delivers on-demand professional-level basketball and baseball analytics linked to supporting video to nearly 1500 college, professional, and international teams. Our systems are highly complex and contain petabytes of data and video requiring extremely talented systems engineers to maintain scale and efficiency of its products.

What you can expect:

As a member of the Synergy engineering team, you will contribute to the ongoing development of Synergy's online sports data and video delivery solutions supporting systems such as:

Linux/Windows Servers

PBs of storage including SAN/NAS/DAS

Automation using Puppet

Monitoring tools (Opsview, Splunk, ELK, NewRelic)

Cloud Infrastructure AWS/Azure

Video encoding equipment

Juniper, Pulse Secure and Sophos Networking Equipment

Synergy's work environment is geographically distributed, with employees working from home offices. The successful candidate must be comfortable working in a virtual office using online collaboration tools for all communication and interaction in conversational English. Synergy development staff work in a deadline-oriented, demanding, non-standard environment in which personal initiative and a strong work ethic are rewarded. Good communication skills, self-motivation, and the ability to work effectively with minimal supervision are crucial. Nonstandard working hours may be required, as Synergy operates on a 24 7 system for clients, with associated deadlines and requirements. Pay rate is dependent on experience.


We're looking for a Systems Engineer to setup and maintain Synergy's storage/networking/server infrastructure across 3 data centers globally. We are looking for someone with a strong Linux background with experience in automation to help us maintain our physical and cloud-based infrastructure.

Recommended Skills:

Strong written and verbal communication skills

Excellent troubleshooting skills

5+ Years of experience with the following:

Linux (Redhat or Debian)

Windows Server

Networking (Switches/Firewalls)

Storage (Direct Attached or SAN)

2+ Years' Experience with the following:


Automation Puppet, Chef or Scripting

Hands on experience working in a data center.

Security Best Practices (Active Directory, Networking etc.

Optional Skills:

Cloud based identity solutions

Windows Clustering

Linux Clustering

Logging ELK or Splunk

Geo Load balancing or DR failover

Containers (Docker/Kubernetes)

Load balancing (F5 or NGINX or HA Proxy)

Synergy Sports Technology is an equal opportunity employer openly encouraging all qualified candidates to apply. We are a zero-tolerance drug policy company and conduct thorough background investigations as part of the pre-employment process. For consideration, please email your current resume and contact information to:

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