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Remote Software Engineer

Posted about 2 years ago

Software Engineer (All Levels)

Boston or RemoteEngineeringFull-time

Our mission is to help organizations, big and small, embrace the cloud-native culture. We believe that cloud-native organizations can better help their customers and improve their businesses.

We are drastically improving the way engineers and developers work with Ambassador ( the leading Kubernetes-native API Gateway built on Envoy Proxy. With thousands of users including Microsoft, PTC, Ticketmaster, and Cisco, the Ambassador OSS Slack channel boasts nearly 2000 members. What better way to spend your time than creating bleeding edge technology that is respected and beloved by the open source community?

We're looking for software engineers of ALL levels who can join the Ambassador development team to push our ambitious roadmap forward.


Develop and maintain core parts of Ambassador

Build good mechanisms for external community contributions

Documentation, automated tests, timely pull request reviews, etc

Root causing production-related issues with other engineers

Work with team members


Python, C , or Golang

Interest or experience in kubernetes, docker, service mesh, envoy proxy, caching, distributed systems, or web application firewall (WAF)

Plus: Experience working on a cloud software application or infrastructure

Plus: Proficient in systems or network programming (e.g. you've worked on a compiler, proxy, or operating system)

Plus: Open source development, blogging, and speaking experience

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