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Remote Senior Python Developer

Posted about 2 years ago

Senior Python Developer

Remote, MA

Senior Python Developer

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We are looking for a python web application developer to build our new mobile first application to help our customer improve their financial health. This is a green field project.

Job Responsibilities

Collaborate with product and business teams to define our product, balancing features with time to market.

Design and implement a microservice based application using python, Django, Flask and related frameworks, in AWS or Azure

Create a scalable, testable, documented application so that we can grow the product over time.

Keep up with technology changes in our space and leverage them when appropriate

Work independently to delivery software on time

Document all aspect of your work

Train, mentor and collaborate with other team members to ensure our teams maintain high standards

Learn our business and help to align technology innovation with our customer needs

Participate in product design, offer new ideas and understand that not every idea will be adopted

Communicate professionally with other business units and customers as needed for demos and support of our products


Bachelor's degree in a technical discipline such as Computer Science, Software Engineering; or equivalent work experience required

8+ years of software development experience, of which

5+ years of experience in building and deploying web applications using the python ecosystem like Django, Flask

Experience in building applications in the cloud, AWS or Azure, using containers like Docker

Experience building and consuming APIs to interact with front end SPA and other applications using REST orGraphQL

Experience in working in an agile environment to quickly iterate and deliver features to users

Additional Skills we like:

Experience in building financial applications

Experience in working with data using machine learning tools and data analysis tools like pandas, Scikit, TensorFlow

Experience with database technologies beyond relational, like MongoDB

Experience with React, particularly React Native

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