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Remote Senior Cloud Developer

Posted about 2 years ago

Sr. Cloud Developer

Jersey City, NJInformation TechnologyID:123002

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Sr. Cloud Developer

Our client, an American data analytics and risk assessment firm, is seeking a Sr. Cloud Developer

Location: Jersey City, NJ / Remote

Position Type: Contract

Job Description:

-The role is basically cloud savvy data engineers so the client wants someone with real hands-on experience on AWS (Lambda, EMR, Glue, ECS preferred services) but that understands the development of data pipelines serving analytics tooling.

-Prefer Java experience to leverage Talend and Pentaho (both Java platforms) but solid/real python development will suffice.

-seeking software development engineers with extensive AWS experience to join its Data and Analytic ervices team supporting the office of Chief Analytics Officer.

-The ideal candidate will have hands-on full lifecycle software development and deployment experience in multiple languages and spanning database, business and microservices layers, and UI development.

-The Sr. Cloud Developer will be fully capable of transforming end-user requirements to cloud deployed resources, working independently as well as in agile team environments.

-The role requires solid experience in cloud computing environments, hands on technical skills, passion and appetite to master new technologies, and excellent communication skills.

Purpose of the Role:

-Facilitate the elimination of technical debt through the successful migration of current on-premise systems to cloud environment

-Ensure the effective design and deployment of scalable ETL processes in the cloud

-Support the migration off of traditional database systems through the conversion of stored procedures to python and Spark

-Develop software and systems capable of handling sensitive data in secured cloud environments compliant with data governance standards

Success Criteria:

-Help existing team in on-premises to cloud database/application migration

-Solid experience in design and implementation of Data Warehousing concepts

-CI/CD focused DevOps processes

Job Duties:

-Plan and execute multiple software development efforts

-Develop and maintain the Data ETL pipelines to onboard datasets to the company's cloud data platform

-Develop Spark programs to accommodate compute intensive processes in the cloud

-Develop API driven services in accordance with business requirement

-Work with internal/external customers to solve new data engineering problems

-Keep up-to-date with the latest technologies and introduce them as needed


-Bachelor's degree or foreign equivalent degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or related field; Master's Degree preferred

-Minimum of seven (7) years full-time software engineering experience with at least three (3) years in an AWS environment focused on application development; AWS Certification preferred

-Strong ability to develop ETL processes using Spark (Scala/Java/Python)

-Extensive experience in using AWS IaaS and PaaS services

-Minimum of five (5) years of experience in Java programming

-Additionally, experience in Python Programming is desired

-Design and implement data ETL frameworks for secured Data Lake(s)

-Solid experience with CI/CD tools such as Git, JIRA, and Jenkins

-Experience with AWS Cloud Formation or equivalent technology

-Analytics mindset with strong communication skills

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