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Remote Security Researcher

Posted about 2 years ago

Security Researcher

At OpenZeppelin, we have built the world's leading Open Source library for smart contract development. OpenZeppelin Contracts powers over 3,000 public projects, with over 7,000 stars on Github and maintained by a community of 180+ contributors. We also conduct security audits for the Ethereum Foundation, Coinbase, and other leading organizations in the space.

With the success of our product, our security audits work, and our educational efforts, we have set industry standards for building secure systems in a fast-growing industry, that presents new programming paradigms. We are now excited to offer a development platform that will help the growing number of developers working on top of decentralized protocols build applications that will achieve mass adoption.

What you'll do

Analyze the security of smart contracts and decentralized applications.

Write detailed, engaging reports on the vulnerabilities of those systems.

Conduct open-ended research around cutting edge blockchain technologies.

Who you are:

You are extremely detail oriented.

You are a self-starter that works independently, with minimal supervision.

You possess an advanced English level and great communication skills (oral and written).

You are passionate about the blockchain space and decentralization.

You feel comfortable working in a distributed team.

You may have prior experience in computer security.

You may have experience in blockchain technologies.

You may have some knowledge in the Solidity programming language.


Complete the following application form or send an email to with the phrase "Security Researcher" on the subject line.

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